Adam Goldstein, Better Known as DJ AM, is Born in Philadelphia

I was probably destined to be a drug addict. I grew up in Philadelphia with a father who seemed to hate me: The verbal abuse he subjected me to was unbelievably cruel. I would find out later that there was a good reason my father was so tortured—he was secretly gay and addicted to drugs. I remember him asking me, “Do you mind if I smoke one of my skinny cigarettes?” But throughout my childhood, I blamed myself for the horrible way my father treated me.”

— Adam Goldstein

Goldstein was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a child, his father verbally abused him, which Goldstein called "unbelievably cruel." His father abused drugs and was secretly gay. His father was sent to jail for committing bank fraud and later died from AIDS. He began taking drugs, so his mother placed him in a treatment center that specialized in “tough love”.