The Rolling Stones Release 'More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies)'

The companion volume's for dabblers; this is for specialists.

One of the two previously-unavailable-on-LP B sides, "We Love You," is the only time they ever trounced Sgt. Pepper good, and long about the middle of the early, previously-unavailable-in-U.S. r&b cuts they really get a sly groove going, upping the tempo and lagging the phrasing on "Come On" and "Fortune Teller" and "Poison Ivy" and "Bye Bye Johnnie." Sometimes specialists have more fun.

Hot Rocks covers most of the monster hits from the Stones' first decade that remained in radio rotation for decades to come. More Hot Rocks goes for the somewhat smaller hits, some of the better album tracks, and a whole LP side's worth of rarities that hadn't yet been available in the United States when this compilation was released in 1972.