Pink Floyd releases Meddle

Meddle is the fifth studio album by Pink Floyd.

It was released in October 1971, and is often considered to be the album which best demonstrates the band's change in genre from psychedelic rock, to progressive rock.

The album was recorded at a series of locations around London, including Abbey Road Studios. With no clear idea of the content, or direction which the album would take, the band devised a series of novel experiments which eventually inspired the album's signature track, Echoes. Although each of the group's later albums would be unified by a central theme written entirely by Roger Waters, Meddle was a group effort with lyrical contributions from each member.

Meddle was produced between the band's touring commitments, from January to August 1971. Reviews were mixed, and although it was successful in the United Kingdom, lacklustre publicity on the part of their US label led to poor sales in the United States.