Isle of Wight Festival 1970

This is the last festival, enough is enough , it began as a beautiful dream but it has got out of control and become a monster.”

— Ron Foulk -promoter

Even worse news for the promoters was the presence of many activists from the underground movement , the White Panthers - representing the British underground, , anarchists from France , Germany and the States and disgruntled Hells Angels who were denied their traditional role as the defacto security force of the festival . These diverse groups combined forces to attempt to have the festival declared a free event . Many hard core freaks who had attended the free Phun City festival in late July were present and they added their voices to the chorus of radical groups who desired to break free of the capitalist forces that were increasingly moulding the international rock scene .

For many of the performers, The Isle of Wight festival was an unmitigated disaster. Joni Mitchell cried in the middle of her set, Kris Kristofferson was booed off the same stage that was then set alight during Jimi Hendrix’s performance. People were losing perspective, and musicians were understandably terrified. Joan Baez bravely turned in a passionate set that calmed people down somewhat, but there was still an edge of danger and unrest in the air.