The Bee Gees release Cucumber Castle

Cucumber Castle is the Bee Gees' seventh album (and fifth international release), released in 1970 and produced by Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, and Robert Stigwood.

It consists of songs from their television special of the same name, which was named after a song on their 1967 album Bee Gees' 1st. Cucumber Castle is the only Bee Gees album without Robin Gibb, as he had left the group before the album was recorded. Drummer Colin Petersen was fired during the recording of the album and therefore appears on only some songs, without sleeve credit.

This album contained the hit single "Don't Forget to Remember" which hit number 2 in the UK in August 1969, going virtually head to head with Robin Gibb's solo single "Saved by the Bell", which reached number 2 in the UK the previous month. The album struggled to make an impact and stalled at number 57 in the UK and number 94 in the US. Indeed it was the last Bee Gees album to chart in the UK until Spirits Having Flown in 1979.

The new smaller Bee Gees gathered for only the second time to record two songs, possibly for a single, but the intention is not known. Peter Mason attended one or more Bee Gees sessions in 1969 after Barry picked him to replace Robin in the three-part harmonies. This was probably near the end of June as Peter recalls adding a vocal to the tape of "Don't Forget to Remember" and singing on two other songs that he cannot now identify. He says Barry was much influenced by The Band at the time. Robert Stigwood nixed the idea of replacing Robin within days, and Peter was out. His vocals may have been wiped from the songs as he can not hear himself on any of released versions. After Colin Petersen was fired, Pentangle's Terry Cox filled in on drums for the remainder of the sessions. His participation and the different studio are documented on a tape box.

Five of the songs were marked as being from the television spectacular Cucumber Castle, but any marketing tie-in value was lost since the program had still not been shown.