"Le Boucher" Is Released

The Butcher (French: Le Boucher) is a 1970 French drama / thriller film written and directed by Claude Chabrol.

Sexual frustration is the focus of this Hitchcockian thriller from French director Claude Chabrol. Schoolteacher Hélène (Stéphane Audran) comes to a small Périgord village to begin a new job. She is soon romanced by the local butcher, Popaul (Jean Yanne), but is distracted by her job and memories of a previous ill-fated relationship. A series of brutal murders of young women and a dropped cigarette-lighter raise Hélène's suspicions about her suitor, whose pitiable, depraved compulsions lead to a gruesome conclusion. Audran, who was Chabrol's wife at the time, makes an engaging heroine, and Yanne is simultaneously scary and pathetic as the obsessive butcher. ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide

Helene is a confident, slightly naive young teacher who is adored by her pupils at the school where she works and lives. She meets the local butcher, Popaul, at a wedding ceremony, and they strike up a close but platonic relationship. The film examines how Helene handles her suspicion of Popaul as a series of women in the small town fall victim to an unknown murderer.