The Bee Gees release 2 Years On

2 Years On is the Bee Gees' eighth album (the group's sixth international release) released in December 1970.

The album reached #32 on the U.S. charts, and sold 375,000 copies worldwide (see 1970 in music). The album saw the return of Robin Gibb to the group after the earlier disagreement and subsequent split following Odessa. Its most famous track is Lonely Days. Released as the first single by the reunited brothers, it charted highly in the US (#3 in Billboard, #1 in rival chart Cashbox) but only peaked at #33 in the UK.

Robin and Maurice returned to the studio after two months, though this time their purpose was more clear; the Bee Gees were back, with or without Barry's participation. A tape from some date in August has five songs of which nothing is known. The songs "Sincere Relation" and "Lay It On Me" were recorded on 13 June in Nova Studios, London without Barry's participation. On August 21, the three Bee Gees would reunite and record together.

Despite the album marking the musical reunion of the Bee Gees, only three songs credited all three Gibb brothers as composers - the single Lonely Days and its flip side Man For All Seasons and the rocker Back Home inspired by the recent airline hijackings.. Maurice is on all songs, but Barry and Robin are only on the ones they wrote or co-wrote.

This album marks the debut of drummer Geoff Bridgford who became a full-time member of The Bee Gees until 1972.