Love releases Four Sail

By mid-1968, Arthur Lee was the only remaining member of the classic lineup of Love.

But simply because Johnny Echols, Bryan Maclean, Ken Forssi and Michael Stuart had all departed the group did not mean that the group's obligations to Elektra Records were gone with the Forever Changes lineup. Therefore, Arthur Lee set about forming an entirely new group of musicians to back him. Looking to old friends and previous bandmates such as Frank Fayad (bass) and George Suranovich (drums), and newer acquaintances like Jay Donnellan (lead guitar) and Drachen Theaker (drums) to fill out the sound.

With the group in place, three LPs worth of material were recorded in a makeshift studio in a Los Angeles warehouse, with Elektra Records given the rights to one and the other two destined to end up as the Blue Thumb LP Out Here. Four Sail was the result of Elektra's preferred tracks, ending up the fourth and final Elektra album by as many different line-ups of Love.

All songs written and arranged by Arthur Lee, except where noted

1. "August" – 5:00
2. "Your Friend and Mine - Neil's Song" – 3:40
3. "I'm With You" – 2:45
4. "Good Times" – 3:30
5. "Singing Cowboy" (Lee, Jay Donnellan) - 4:30
6. "Dream" – 2:49
7. "Robert Montgomery" – 3:34
8. "Nothing" – 4:44
9. "Talking in My Sleep" – 2:50
10. "Always See Your Face" – 3:30