'I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today And Other Stories' is Published

The Cat in The Hat, pares down his the amount of tigers he thinks he can fight, as they gather around him: King Looie Katz, of Katzen-Stein and his glorious tail; The Glunk that Got Thunk, a little girl uses her Thinker-Upper to imagine fuzzy friendly little things, until her Thinker-Upper thinks of bigger things: "He was greenish. Not too Cleanish. And he sort of had bad breath. "Good gracious!" gasped my sister. "I have thunked up quite a meth!"

The title story concerns a boy who brags that he can fight 30 tigers and win. He makes excuse after excuse, finally disqualifying all the tigers until he must fight no tigers at all. The illustrations are notable for their use of gauche and brush strokes rather than the usual pen and ink. Others stories include King Looie Katz', another warning against hierarchical society advocating self-reliance, and The Glunk That Got Thunk about the power of run-away imagination.