'My Book About Me' is Published

Refreshingly original and ingenious at the same time, My Book About Me, is exactly that…a book about you, the reader.

Page after page asks you, the reader, to provide the answer to each of the questions. My favorite color is ____. My favorite food is _____. Learning to read and learning about yourself is an incredibly effective educational tool for young and older readers alike.

Mike Frith came to La Jolla in January to work with him on 'My Book About Me', a beginner book that would involve the child reader as coauthor. But Frith, a New Yorker and a football lan, had another interest that weekend, for he was avid about Super Bowl III. Joe Namath, the quarterback of the underdog New York Jets, had elevated the impending football game against the Baltimore Colts to a showdown of braggadocio that mesmerized sports fans. On Super Bowl Sunday Frith asked Ted to excuse him from their work at the Tower so he could watch the game in his hotel room. Ted was aghast, Frith realized, and then angry, and when they resumed work the next morning, "very put out. very cold. At bonus time, Bob Bern Stein told me I wasn't getting a bonus that year and that I had really upset Ted."