Hillary Rodham Clinton Graduates from Maine South High School in Park Ridge, IL

As a child, Hillary Rodham was a teacher's favorite at her public schools in Park Ridge.[7][8] She participated in swimming, baseball, and other sports.[7][8] She also earned many awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout.[8] She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the school newspaper, and was selected for National Honor Society.[1][9] For her senior year she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in the top five percent of her class of 1965.[9][10] Her mother wanted her to have an independent, professional career,[6] and her father, otherwise a traditionalist, held the modern notion that his daughter's abilities and opportunities should not be limited by gender.

Ever since 1965, when Hillary Rodham graduated from a brand-new high school in suburban Park Ridge, Illinois, the school’s first yearbook has provided advance clues about the First Lady. For anyone who scanned the book’s eight appealing photos documenting her trail of tireless activities, it should be no surprise she’s now a White House public affairs activist in the tradition of Eleanor Roosevelt.
After three years in Park Ridge’s "Maine Township East High," Hillary was redistricted into newly-built Maine South High, for her 1964-65 senior year. During that year her combination of socially-conscious youth activities at First United Methodist Church, earning A’s in a high quality academic program, and the plethora of extra-curricular activities reported here must have produced a weekly schedule as tight as a political campaigner’s. But in the fall of 1964 she also found time to go door-to-door for Barry Goldwater—the last Republican Presidential contender she was to support (followed in 1968 first by Eugene McCarthy and then by Hubert Humphrey).

As a child, Hillary was interested in sports, her church, and her school, a public school in Park Ridge. Throughout her youth, Rodham was fond of sports, including tennis, ice skating, ballet, swimming, volleyball, and softball. She earned many awards as a Brownie and Girl Scout [3]. Prior to graduating from Maine South High School, she attended Maine East High School, where she served as class president, a member of the student council, a member of the debating team, and as a member of the National Honor Society. During her final year of high school (Maine South High School), she received the school's first social science award. Hillary Rodham entered the world of politics in 1964 (at the age of 16) by supporting the presidential bid of Republican Senator Barry Goldwater. [4] [5]. Her parents encouraged her to pursue the career of her choice