Electric Prunes release Just Good Old Rock and Roll

Just Good Old Rock and Roll is a record album attributed to the The Electric Prunes.

It was recorded with a lineup put together by Wilson-Fisher management for David Hassinger, who owned the name, during a period in which the original group was disbanded.

The album cover described the band as the new improved Electric Prunes. However former band members would subsequently reform the group, while none of the performers on this album appeared on any other Electric Prunes recordings.

This lineup toured for a short time before in turn disbanding, and released one single.

Side 1

1. Sell (M. Herron / John Herron) 3.13
2. 14 Year Old Funk (Bill Daffern / Ron Morgan) 3.31
3. Love Grows (Bill Daffern / John Fleck / Ron Morgan / Brett Wade) 4.07
4. So Many People To Tell (Brett Wade) 4.00
5. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers (Jimmy Holiday / Jimmy Lewis / Cliff Chambers) 3.30

Side 2

1. Giant Sunhorse (Bill Daffern / Ron Morgan / Larry Tamblyn / Brett Wade) 4.06
2. Violent Rose (John Herron / Dick Whetstone) 2.42
3. Thorjon (Mark Kincaid / Brett Wade / Dick Whetstone) 2.58
4. Silver Passion Mine (Brett Wade) 2.53
5. Tracks (M. Herron / John Herron) 2.44
6. Sing To Me (Brett Wade) 3.22