Nissan Laurel is First Produced

The Nissan Laurel was introduced by Nissan in 1968 as the new luxury model to slot above the 1968 Bluebird 510 & with the same sense of luxury found in the Nissan Cedric but with slightly reduced dimensions.

The first Laurel was developed by the Prince Motor Company, consisting of both 2-door and 4-door variants. It was released as a Nissan after Prince merged with Nissan. Laurels for years shared many components and architectures with the Skyline range.

Since 1968, eight generations of Laurel have been produced in Japan. Nissan listed the Laurel for sale in only selected Asian and European markets (it was also sold in Chile, as Datsun Laurel, starting in the late seventies), and then discontinued the export of this model from 1989.

In April, 1968 Nissan presented its new Laurel in four-door deLuxe and Super deLuxe versions, both equipped with a 1.8 L inline-four cylinder engine and independent rear suspension. In summer 1970 a hardtop coupé joined the line-up, one year later a 2000 cc engine became available. The Toyota competitor was the Mark II sedan.

It was first sold April 1968 as the senior from BLUEBIRD-510, and 130 large corporate demands for different types of personalities. Also, Cedric "Haionaka" was planned. In light of the circumstances of the merger with Nissan to develop automotive Prince, Prince-series four-cylinder with a type SOHC1815cc the G18. C10 suspension is four-wheel independent suspension system employs the same type skyline.

In June 1970 HARDTOP2 was added. Nissan's first PARADE HARDTOP model was G20-series engines that is equipped with SOHC1990cc 110/120 horsepower 4-cylinder and four-door sedan and G18 types. Other grades 1800,2000, SU TWINCARBURETOR 2000GX is equipped with the sporty set.

August 1970 saw the release of its 4-door sedan version, with a minor change. Changed to the same angle with the hard top and appeared before the panel meters and add a grade senior GL.
In July 1971, Sedan 2000 were added to lineup,.

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