Theodor Seuss Geisel Marries Audrey Stone Dimond

Ted was not to remain alone for long.

In August of the following year, he told a colleague "My best friend is being divorced and I'm going to Reno to comfort his wife." Earlier in the spring of 1968, Audrey Stone Dimond told her husband, Grey, that she planned to leave him and marry Ted. The Geisels and the Dimonds had long been close friends, often entertaining with each other, attending numerous social events, going boating and vacationing together. Upon Audrey's announcement, Grey stood still, thinking it over a bit.

'"Who," he asked finally, "is going to do the driving?"
"Why, I guess I will," Audrey replied, astonished.
"Good," he said. "I don't want any wife of mine marrying a man who drives the way Ted does."

Mrs. Geisel is proud of her contributions to Ted Geisel's work. She doesn't want to sound self-centered, she says, but his editors at Random House told her ''his juices were getting diluted and he needed something to start him again.'' She also says she improved his appearance.

''His head was mine,'' she says. ''I created the beard. He had a nose that was looking for that beard all his life. I chose clothes for him.''