Kayseri Atatürk Stadium Disaster

September 17th, 1967: A crowd occurred after the fight caused because of the goal scored in 20th minute of the match between Kayserispor and Sivasspor played at Kayseri.

40 people died and 600 people got wounded among the spectators who were stuck on the exit door. The Daily Hürriyet, dated September 18th, 1967, reported the disaster with a main title entitled “The Kayseri Stadium turned to a battlefield”. The next day, houses and shops, located in Sivas and owned by people of Kayseri origin, were plundered because 38 people who died during the match were people of Sivas origin.

The match began in a strained atmosphere. In the twentieth minute, the striker of Kayserispor, Oktay, scored. After the goal, some players from both sides began to fight for an unknown reason. The referee of the match showed a red card to one of the players of Kayserispor, but after strenuous objections he changed his decision and allowed the player to remain on the field. As the level of tension escalated, fans began to throw rocks at each other, first individually and then in groups. A group of people on the Sivas side, seeking to escape from the rocks, rushed toward the field and the exit gates. Those who tried to enter the field were met by police batons and turned back. In a panic, thousands of Sivas fans pressed towards the nearest gates, crushing their fellow supporters against the fencing at the front of the terrace. When the human wave drew back, the scene was horrific: 40 people were dead and at least 300 were injured.