"Absolutely Free" by The Mothers of Invention Is Released

Absolutely Free (1967) is the second album by The Mothers of Invention, led by Frank Zappa.

Absolutely Free is once again a display of complex musical composition and with political and social satire. The band had been augmented since Freak Out! by the additions of saxophone player Bunk Gardner, keyboardist Don Preston, guitarist Jim Fielder and drummer Billy Mundi. However, Fielder quit the group before the album was released. His name was removed from the album credits.

For this album, the emphasis is on interconnected movements, as each side on the original vinyl LP composes a mini-suite. It also features one of the most famous songs of Zappa's early career, "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," a track which has been described as a "condensed two-hour musical".

The CD reissue adds a single The Mothers released at the time between where side one would have ended and side two would have begun featuring the songs "Why Dontcha Do Me Right?" and "Big Leg Emma," both described as: "an attempt to make dumb music to appeal to dumb teenagers."