What Happened in Nov 1967

  • "Cool Hand Luke" Is Released

    Cool Hand Luke is a 1967 American drama film starring Paul Newman and directed by Stuart Rosenberg. The screenplay was adapted by Donn Pearce and... Read more

  • Love releases Forever Changes

    Forever Changes is the third album released by the Los Angeles-based band Love. The album was released by Elektra Records in November 1967. In... Read more

  • Hither Green Rail Crash

    At least 40 rail passengers have died and 80 more have been wounded after a commuter train derailed in south-east London. The 19:43 express... Read more

  • Apollo 4 Mission

    Apollo 4 was the first flight of the Saturn V launch vehicle, carrying no crew. It was also the first flight of the S-IC and S-II stages of the... Read more

  • Siege of Dak To

    The battle for Hill 875 took place in the Vietnamese Central Highlands during the Vietnam War. It was fought between the 2nd and 4th Battalions of... Read more

  • The Beatles release Magical Mystery Tour

    Magical Mystery Tour is the name of the 11-song album and 6-song double EP by the English rock band The Beatles, first released as an LP on 27... Read more