Unidentified Object Reported to Have Crashed in Shag Harbor

At least a dozen persons reported seeing the row of lights descend into the water, but as yet no trace of any debris has been found either on the surface or the bottom.

The only clue may be a wide patch of strange yellow foam sighted by vessels searching the area immediately after the object went down.

Navy divers searched the area yesterday and found nothing, but will be back at it with reinforcements today. No ships or planes were reported in the area at the time of the sightings Wednesday.

For a time, the small fishing village of Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, Canada was actually not on the map. But, something very extraordinary happened there in 1967 that would change their status in their geographical area. The harbor, located at the southern most part of Nova Scotia, would be the location of a well-documented and investigated case of a UFO Crash. Reports of UFO crashes in or near water are extremely rare.