Operation Attleboro Begins

Operation Attleboro was a search and destroy operation by the 196th Light Infantry Brigade.

The operation was named after Attleboro, Massachusetts, where the brigade had been formed. Initial fighting was light. In late October, US forces consisting of the 196th and the 1st Battalion of the 27th Infantry Regiment encountered the 9th Viet Cong Division, resulting in a major three-day battle. Fighting was then taken over by the 1st Infantry Division. The most significant battle occurred when Viet Cong forces assaulted the US perimeter at Suoi Da on November 8th. The assault was defeated by artillery and air strikes. Afterwards, a large Viet Cong base camp was detected.

Operation Attleboro was actually made up of Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I was the period of time early on beginning about 2 Sep 66 and extended into early Nov 1966.

Phase II began about 6 Nov 66 until the end on 24 Nov 66.

Operation Attleboro turned out to be the largest series of air mobile operations to date and involved all or elements of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, 25th Division 1st Infantry Division, a brigade of the 4th Division, as well as numerous Army of the Republic of Vietnam and Regional Forces/Popular Forces and Nungs.