First Reported Sighting of the "Grinning Man"

The Grinning Man is a name given to a mysterious creature that has been reported in various areas over the last century.

He is believed to either be an alien or some other type of unknown creature. If nothing else, he is very creepy and all the witness accounts describe him as being very strange. Everyone who has seen him will never forget him or what he looks like. Nobody knows if there is just one Grinning Man or many, or if the whole thing is just an urban legend.

James Yanchitis and Marvin Munoz were walking home on October 11, 1966 the same year as Derenberger's encounter when suddenly Jimmy turned to his friend. Apparently not seeing the figure behind him, Marvin kept walking, but Jimmy grabbed him and looked over his shoulder, "Who's that guy standing behind you?" he asked. His voice shook as they both realized that the fence separating them from the man was just above a turnpike where the ground dropped thirty feet. He was clinging to the fence and staring at them both grinning. As they stared shocked by the appearance of the strange interloper, they did not notice a nose or ears on the strange figure. in fact they noticed nothing buy the strange eyes that gleamed in the moonlight and the unnatural grin the man had on his face as he stared at the two of them. Almost immediately the pair sprinted away as The Grinning man watched them. Earlier that night in a nearby neighborhood a man matching the description of the one that stared at them now had chased a woman down the street. He was wearing the exact same green outfit and large belt described by Derenberger. Three days later, Johnathon Keel of Mothman Prophecies fame would visit them and ask them about the incident.