Ronald Reagan Plays Judge Howard R. Stimming in "Kraft Suspense Theatre" - Season 1, Episode 28: A Cruel and Unusual Night

Kraft Suspense Theatre is a television anthology series that ran from 1963 to 1965 on NBC, which was sponsored by Kraft Foods, alternating with Perry Como's monthly Kraft Music Hall specials.

Como's production company, "Roncom Films", also produced Kraft Suspense Theatre. Later shown in syndication under the title Crisis, it was one of the few suspense programs telecast in color at the time; color TV did not become the norm until late 1965.

Such actors as Ben Cooper, James Whitmore, Leslie Nielsen, Mickey Rooney and Richard Crenna appeared on it. Some of the episodes doubled as pilots for potential series- one of them, Rapture At Two-Forty, was sold to NBC for the fall of 1965 as Run For Your Life.

The 1968 theatrical film Sergeant Ryker, starring Lee Marvin, was actually a two-part made-for-television film that first aired on Kraft Suspense Theatre as The Case Against Paul Ryker, which also served as a pilot for the 1966 series Court Martial.

An escaped convict sets out on a path of revenge. He's after the judge who sentenced him to death row.