Briton Greville Wynne Exchanged for Russian Konon Molody at West Berlin-East German Border

British businessman Greville Maynard Wynne, who had been imprisoned in the Soviet Union for a year on spying charges, was exchanged for Konon Trofimovich Molody, a Russian Army officer arrested by the United Kingdom in 1961 as part of a ring that had obtained sensitive information about British submarines.

The Soviet authorities rejected appeals by Greville Wynne's lawyer but 17 months into his sentence, they agreed to exchange Wynne for Soviet spy Gordon Lonsdale, serving 25 years in the UK.

On his release, Wynne was in a poor state of health. He had lost a lot of weight and doctors said his time in prison had left him "emotionally and mentally exhausted". He spent 12 days in hospital before returning to his Chelsea home to be with his wife and son.