William Faulkner Is Posthumously Awarded the Pulitzer Prize for 'The Reivers'

William Faulkner's fictional chronicle of Yoknapatawpha County draws to a close in this Library of America edition of his last three novels, rich with the accumulated history and lore of the microcosmic domain where he set most of his fiction.

Faulkner wanted to use the time remaining to him to achieve a summing-up of his literary world: "I know I won't live long enough to write all I need to write about my imaginary country and county," he wrote to a friend, "so I must not waste what I have left."

His last novel, The Reivers: A Reminiscence (1962), is mellower and more elegiac than his earlier work. A picaresque adventure set early in the twentieth century and involving a Memphis brothel, a racehorse, and a stolen automobile, it evokes the world of childhood with a final burst of comic energy.