Kellogg's Froot Loops Introduced

Froot Loops is a brand of breakfast cereal produced by Kelloggs and sold in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United States, Germany and Latin America as well as South Africa.

The cereal pieces come in a variety of bright colors and a blend of artificial fruit flavors. Kellogg's introduced Froot Loops in 1945. Originally, there were red, orange, and yellow loops, but green, then purple and finally blue were added in the 1990s.

Other varieties of the cereal include Froot Loops 1/3 Less Sugar, Marshmallow Froot Loops and Froot Loops Smoothie.

Toucan Sam is the mascot of Froot Loops.

Milking It: Froot Loops with Fruity Golden Bars
By Michael Roberts in Milking It: Cereal Killers & Thrillers
Monday, Apr. 13 2009 @ 7:57AM

Rating: Three-and-a-half spoons out of four

Cereal description: Wheat, oat and corn flour ovoids colored in assorted bold hues (neon blue, alien green, strep-throat red, Prince's underwear purple) and speckled with a whitish glaze that looks delectable, and is. Also tossed in for good measure: narrow, three-hole rectangles that are supposed to be gold, although they look mighty orange to me, probably from all that Vitamin C they contain. Just kidding.

Fruit Loops
Posted by Mikey on 07/31/07

Kids have been following their noses to the beat of Froot Loops since 1964, when Kellogg’s unleashed the multi-colored fruit-flavored rings to a cereal-hungry public. Originally created with three “flavors,” cherry, lemon and orange, there have been a number of other flavors added since then. But, what of those other flavors? It has long been questioned whether they have a unique fruit flavor, and word on the street now is that according to Kellogg’s, the flavors are at least similar, though ask any kid and they’ll swear each has its own unique signature. At least memories of the resulting “Frooty Milk,” the awe-inspiring milk and cereal by-product left in the bowl once the cereal has been gobbled up, have remained deliciously the same.