Swissair Flight SR306 Crash

Radioing the tower, he reported that the visibility varied along the runway and that the jet exhaust had blown away some of the fog.

Holhli then asked for permission to take off and it was promptly granted. Shortly afterwards, 306 reported being in clear conditions above the fog and climbing through 1,700ft. The flight was then handed off to Zurich departure. Only a few minutes afterwards, the crew made a Mayday call, which was to be the last transmission from the aircraft. A farmer working on the mountainside saw the Caravelle in flight, trailing smoke from it's port side followed shortly by an outbreak of flames. The aircraft then began a left-turning descent, plunging back into the fog. Another person on the ground below the fog reported seeing the aircraft emerge from the fog in a steep dive, flames pouring out of the left side of the aircraft just before it impacted the ground on the outskirts of a local village. Wreckage was scattered around the impact site, damaging homes and setting structures on fire. No survivors were found.

Swissair Flight SR306, a Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle III, HB-ICV Schaffhausen, was a scheduled international flight from Zürich to Rome, via Geneva. It crashed near Dürrenäsch, Aargau on September 4, 1963, shortly after take-off, killing all 80 people on board.

Zurich International Airport (in Kloten, Switzerland) was in dense fog when the plane was due to take off at 06:00 UTC. At 06:04 the flight was allowed to taxi to runway 34 behind an escorting vehicle. At 06:05 the crew reported that they would taxi half way down runway 34 to inspect the fog and then return to take off point. This was done, using at times high engine power: it was thought this was to try to disperse the fog. Around 06:12 the aircraft was back to the threshold of runway 34 and was allowed to set off. The flight took off at 06:13 hours and started to climb to flight level 150, its cruising height.

Four minutes later people on the ground noticed a whitish trail of smoke on the left side of the aircraft. Shortly after, a long flame from the left wing-root was seen. Around 06:20 the aircraft reached a height of around 2700 m. It then began to descend, entered a gentle left turn losing height more quickly. It then went into a final, steep dive.

Parts of the aircraft fell off and at 06:21 a "MAYDAY" message was heard. At 06:22 the aircraft crashed into the ground on the outskirts of Dürrenäsch. The crash site was 559 m above sea level, amost 35 km from Zürich/Kloten Airport