The Beatles release With the Beatles

With The Beatles is The Beatles' second UK album, recorded four months after the band's first album and released on 22 November 1963, the same day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, on Parlophone in mono (catalogue number PMC 1206) and stereo (PCS 3045).

With the Beatles stayed at the top of the charts for 21 weeks, displacing Please Please Me, so that the Beatles occupied the top spot for 51 consecutive weeks. It even reached number eleven in the "singles charts" (because at the time UK charts counted all records sold, regardless of format).

They still had plenty of covers to fill out the running time, but the Lennon-McCartney writing team was gathering steam and beginning to knock out pop classics as if they were pulling them out of thin air. "All My Loving" and "I Wanna Be your Man" come from this record, issued hurriedly to capitalize on English Beatlemania.”

— Chris Nickson