State Department Announces Recent Release of Two Russian Spies in Exchange for Two Americans

[Marvin Makinen] completed the fourth year of his undergraduate education at the Free University of Berlin as an exchange student from the University of Pennsylvania.

Traveling in the Soviet Union, Makinen was arrested for espionage and was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment by a closed military tribunal [cf., The New York Times, September 5, 1961, p. 1 (column 6)]. Of the slightly more than two years that he spent in the Vladimir Prison, a total of approximately 12 months was spent in solitary confinement.

He was afterwards transferred to a labor camp in the Mordovian ASSR and was later exchanged (together with Rev. Walter Ciszek, S. J.) for two Soviet spies. In the Vladimir Prison one of Makinen's cellmates was Zygurds Kruminsh, who had been previously the only cellmate of the U-2 pilot Gary Powers. While Kruminsh had admitted to only having met a Swedish prisoner, later in labor camp Makinen learned through another former inmate of the Vladimir Prison that Kruminsh had also been a cellmate of "the Swedish prisoner van den Berg."

The State Department released two accused Soviet agents in exchange for two Americans, Marvin William Makinen, a student arrested in Kiev two years earlier, and Walter M. Ciszek, a Jesuit missionary who had been arrested in the USSR in 1941.