The Rolling Stones Play Their First Show at London's Marquee Club

On July 12, 1962, the Rolling Stones — Jagger, Richards, Jones, a returned Dick Taylor on bass, and Mick Avory, later of the Kinks, on drums — played their first show at the Marquee.

Avory and Taylor were replaced by Tony Chapman and Bill Wyman, from the Cliftons. Chapman didn’t work out, and the band spent months recruiting a cautious Charlie Watts, who worked for an advertising agency and had left Blues, Inc. when its schedule got too busy. In January 1963 Watts completed the band.

It was certainly not the first time Mick Jagger and Keith Richards played together. As Mick and Keith met in Dartford outside London, they formed their first band Little Boy Blue and The Blue Boys in 1961, with their mutual friend Dick Taylor (see photos) on guitar, plus their friends Bob Beckwith and Allen Etherington.