Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 Disappears over Western Pacific Ocean

Flying Tiger Line Flight 739 was a Super Constellation propliner chartered by the United States military that disappeared on 15 March 1962 over the Western Pacific Ocean.

The aircraft was transporting 93 Army men and 3 South Vietnamese from Travis Air Force Base, California to Saigon, Vietnam. After refueling at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, the Super Constellation was en route to Clark Air Base in the Philippines when it disappeared. All 107 aboard were declared missing and presumed dead.

The flight climbed to a cruising altitude of 18000 feet and reported being at position 13 40'N and 140 00'E at 14:22. The crew expected to reach position 14 00'N 135 00'E at 15:30. At 15:33 Guam IFSS was experiencing communication difficulties caused by heavy radio static and at 15:39 the operator attempted to contact N6921C to obtain its position report. No radio contact could be established.
Search and rescue operations were instituted at 19:43.It appeared that at 15:30 GMT (01:30 local time) the crew of the SS TL Lenzen supertanker had sighted a midair explosion from their position at 13 44'N and 134 49'E.

The subsequent search covered 144000 sq miles using 48 aircraft and 8 surface vessels, but nothing was found.

A charter airliner from California with 96 military passengers and crew of 11 aboard Friday was reported missing and presumably down in the Pacific.

The Super Constellation of Flying Tiger Airlines was lost on the Guam-to-Philippines leg of its transPacific flight from Northern California. The U.S. Air Force base at Clark Field was its Philippines destination. From there it was headed for South Vietnam.