Ronald Reagan Plays Rex Kent on "The Dick Powell Show" - Season 1, Episode: Who Killed Julie Greer?

The Dick Powell Show is a television anthology series that ran on NBC from 1961- 1963, primarily sponsored by the Reynolds Metals Company.

It was hosted by longtime film star Dick Powell until his death from lymphatic cancer in January 1963, then by a series of guest hosts (and retitled The Dick Powell Theater) until the series ended.

The series was an anthology of various dramas and comedies. It featured many future stars, producers and directors early in their careers, including Aaron Spelling, William Friedkin, and Bruce Geller. Blake Edwards wrote and directed a number of episodes including two featuring Robert Vaughn as an Ivy League private eye known as The Boston Terrier. Several episodes, including those featuring "The Boston Terrier", doubled as pilots for potential Four Star series, including an unsuccessful attempt to revive The Westerner in a modern-day setting, featuring Lee Marvin in Brian Keith's original role. The original pilot episode for Burke's Law ("Who Killed Julie Greer?"), starring Powell as "Amos Burke", appeared as the debut episode of this series.

Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater had run on CBS in the late 1950s, but he switched networks for his last series. The Dick Powell Show was one of the many productions of Four Star Television. The series' theme, "More Than Love" {aka "Theme from The Dick Powell Show"}, and the majority of musical compositions heard throughout the series, was the work of Herschel Burke Gilbert.