Ernest Hemingway Moves to Ketchum, Idaho

When he left Spain, Hemingway travelled straight to Idaho; but was worried about money and his safety. His paranoia became acute and he believed the FBI was actively monitoring his movements.

During his years in Idaho he also worked on such novels as "The Dangerous Summer", "A Moveable Feast", "Islands in the Stream" and "The Garden of Eden". He also wrote a short story based on a hunting trip in Sun Valley called "The Shot". In the evenings Hemingway could be found socializing with friends at one of his favorite French restaurants, the Christiania, where he often requested a small table on the southwest side of the dining room. He also spent time at businesses still in operation today such as The Casino, a local tavern; and at star-studded parties that once took place at Trail Creek Cabin, now owned by The Sun Valley Resort Company. His family at one time claimed the MacDonald Cabins (now called the Ketchum Korral) as a local residence.