Mick Jagger and Keith Richards Meet by Chance on a Train

In 1961, Keith Richards had a chance meeting with Mick Jagger who was traveling in the same train carriage as him.

Keith was impressed with the imported LPs that Mick was carrying. They got down to talking about music among other things. The two rekindled their friendship when they discovered their mutual passion for Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters and bluesy rock and roll. That friendship blossomed into the birth in 1962, of the longest running rock and roll act in history, the Rolling Stones.

In 1960, while on the train to the London School of Economics, where he was studying, Jagger had a chance meeting with an old school friend, Keith Richards, who was attending Sidcup Art School. The pair soon discovered they had a mutual love of the American R n B artists of the time, and before long they had moved into a flat together in Chelsea, London.