Nissan Gloria is First Produced

The Gloria (Japanese: 日産・グロリア) is a large luxury car made from 1959 by the Prince Motor Company, and later by Nissan Motors since its merger with the former - hence being originally marketed as Prince Gloria and later as Nissan Gloria.

Initially based on the smaller Prince Skyline, the Gloria line was merged with Nissan Cedric starting with 1971 models and both continued until 2004, when they were both replaced by Nissan Fuga.
Glorias were sold at dealerships that were affiliated with the Prince company; when Nissan assumed operations, Glorias were sold at dealerships that sold the Nissan Skyline. The Prince G engine was used in the Gloria until 1975.
According to the article found in Japanese Wikipedia, the Gloria got its name as a tribute when the first series BSLI sedan was presented to the then Crown Prince Akihito, the future Emperor of Japan, and Princess Michiko as an anniversary gift after one year of marriage. The Prince Automotive Industry was the official vehicle supplier to the Imperial Household at that time, previously known as Fuji Precision Technology. It was inspired by the Latin word "Glory".

The Prince Automobile Manufacturers, previously known as Fuji Precision Industry, released a modification of their Prince Skyline with a more luxurious approach, and modified exterior sheet metal, at the All Japan Automobile Show, after the Tokyo Motor Show and the Skyline 1900 exhibition, on October 1958. February 1959 the Gloria was released with the 1.9 L OHV 4 cylinder engine.
In April 1959, the Crown Prince and future Emperor of Japan was presented with the first Gloria.
For 1961 and 1962, Prince modified the Skyline with a larger 1.9 L engine and more luxury features. The GB-30 straight-4 produced 80 hp (60 kW).
The suspension used double wishbone and coil springs in the front, and De Dion setup in the back.