National Airlines Flight 967 Crashes

National Airlines Flight 967, registration N4891C, was a Douglas DC-7B aircraft which disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico en route from Tampa, Florida to New Orleans, Louisiana on November 16, 1959.

All 42 onboard were presumed killed in the accident.

A plane had crashed into the Gulf of Mexico Nov. 16, 1959, taking the lives of 42 passengers. Investigators were looking into a possible connection between the crash and a heavily-insured passenger who never boarded the plane.

Flight 967 took off from Tampa at 23:32 for a flight to New Orleans at FL140. At 00:55 the aircraft suddenly crashed into the Gulf of Mexico. An unlawful act was investigated, but not proven. The aircraft owned by Delta Air Lines, but operated by National Airlines.

PROBABLE CAUSE: "Because of the lack of physical evidence, the probable cause of this accident is unknown."