Paul McCartney invited George Harrison to watch the Quarrymen

According to George Harrison, the first time he saw the Quarry Men was at the Wilson Hall, opposite the bus depot in Garston, Liverpool.

According to Beatles scholar Mark Lewisohn, the date was most likely 6 February 1958.

However, accounts vary. Author Barry Miles noted the date as being the group's booking at the hall on 7 December 1957. Conversely, Quarry Men drummer Colin Hanton recalled being introduced to the young guitarist on 13 March at the Morgue Skiffle Cellar. Harrison's mother Louise, meanwhile, claimed they met in a local chip shop.

I'd been invited to see them play several times by Paul but for some reason never got round to it before.

I remember being very impressed with John's big thick sideboards and trendy teddyboy clothes. In a way, all that emotional rough stuff was simply a way for him to help separate the men from the boys, I think. I was never intimidated by him. Whenever he had a go at me I just gave him a little bit of his own right back.”

— George Harrison

Harrison joined the Quarry Men shortly after in March 1958.