Nissan Datsun 220 is First Produced

The popular and economical Datsun/Nissan compact pickup truck was produced in Japan from 1955 and imported to the United States, Australia, Finland, the Middle East and various European countries.

Modern versions of this vehicle are still in production around the world, currently known as the Frontier & Navara.

The post war truck, the 120 series, was produced from 1955–1957 and used the Nissan D engine.

1957 November, the type 220 was introduced. It was produced from 1957 - 1961. During this time four models were produced: 220 (1957–1958), 221 (1959), 222 (1959), and 223 (1960–1961). Engine and chassis, appeared at 210 and the same type, inline four-cylinder OHV 988cc Nissan C engine (34ps), which was used only in the 220 and 221. The 222 was powered by the Nissan E engine, and the 223 was powered by the Nissan E-1 engine. Like the 120, the 220 was available in two body styles: 4-seater pickup (U220), and delivery van (V220).

1958, exhibited at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It was exported to North America soon after.