Buddy Holly and The Crickets Perform at the Apollo Theater

Holly managed to bridge the racial divide that marked rock n' roll.

While Elvis made black music more acceptable to white audiences, Holly won over an all-black audience when the Crickets were booked at New York's Apollo Theater for August 16–22, 1957. Unlike the immediate response shown in the 1978 movie The Buddy Holly Story, it actually took several performances for the audience to warm to him. In August 1957, the Crickets were the only white performers on a national tour.

Aug. 16-22 - Buddy Holly & The Crickets perform at the Apollo Theater in New York City.

Holly and the Crickets spent the intervening months touring the country in package shows with other acts. They became one of the first white acts to perform at Harlem's famous Apollo Theater.

Buddy Holly and The Crickets were the first white group to play the Apollo Theater in Harlem. They were booked there in 1957 by a promoter who assumed they were black. Their show went over well.