"That'll be the Day" by the Crickets is Released

On May 27, "That'll Be The Day" was released as a single, credited to the Crickets to try to bypass Decca's claimed legal rights.

When the song became a hit, Decca decided not to press its claim. "That'll Be the Day" topped the US "Best Sellers in Stores" chart on September 23 and was the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in November.

Buddy Hollly records "That'll be the Day" at Norman Petty's stuio in Clovis, New Mexico. The Single is released on the Brunswick label (A Decca subsidiary) and credited to the Crickets.

Because Decca had the original "That'll Be the Day" it was determined to be unwise to use Holly's name in the credits. Grabbing a dictionary they searched for an appropriate group name and decided to release the song as the Crickets. "That'll Be The Day," recorded by The Crickets, was released in June, 1957. Initially sales were slow but, by August they were increasing and it began to appear on the national charts. A month later "That'll Be The Day" was one of the best selling records in both the rock and roll and R&B market