Mid-South Tornado Outbreak

A tornado outbreak occurred on May 24, 1957 from west eastern New Mexico into central Oklahoma.

Like typical plains tornadoes, the tornadoes on this date moved from southwest to northeast at around 30 mph. However, most plains tornadoes, especially those on the high plains(elev.> 3000ft), occur in the afternoon and evening. Some of these torndoes occurred in the morning which is highly unusual.

The Mid-South tornado outbreak occurred from eastern New Mexico to Oklahoma, western Arkansas, southern Kansas, eastern Colorado, and southeastern Wyoming on May 24–25 1957. Thirty-eight tornadoes touched down over the area, most of which took place across northern and western Texas, in addition to southern Oklahoma. The strongest tornado was rated at F4 status south of Lawton. Unusually, some tornadoes touched down during the early morning hours, whereas most Plains tornadic systems are nocturnal. Four deaths were attributed to the tornadic activity. The tornado outbreak was related to the arrival of a strong shortwave trough.