Antonio Villas Boas Abducted from Brazilian Farm

Believe or not, a sexual intercourse was engaged by her.

Such relationship was short, but normal (if we can say so). His "pleasure" was sometimes disturbed by what Antonio discribed in his report as "the growling sounds the woman sometimes made" that made him uncomfortably realise that he was in the presence of an animal. Villas Boas later stated the female avoided kisses. Before leaving the room, she pointed her belly and then the sky. Just then, she left.

The light kept still for a few moments longer in the distance. Now and again it seemed to throw forth rays in all directions, the same as the setting sun, sparkling. Then it suddenly disappeared, as if it had been turned off. I am not quite sure if this is what actually happened, for I cannot remember if I kept looking in the same direction all the time. Maybe for a few seconds I glanced elswhere so it may have lifted up and disappeared before I had the time to look back again.”

— Antonio Villas-Boas

Researcher Bruce Rux relates, "reluctant to tell his story, Boas was convinced by Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, Professor of Medicine at the National School of Medicine of Brazil and also an APRO representative, to publicly relate what happened, which he did on February 22 of the following year to Fontes, journalist Joas Martins, and a Brazilian military intelligence agent. Boas had been found to be suffering from radiation poisoning, and Fontes was curious. Among the symptoms were 'pains throughout the body, nausea, headaches, loss of appetite, ceaslessly burning sensations in the eyes, cutaneous lesions at the slightest of light bruising...which went on appearing for months, looking like small reddish nodules, harder than the skin around them and protuberant, painful when touched, each with a small central orifice yielding a yellowish thin waterish discharge.' The skin surrounding the wounds presented 'a hyperchromatic violet-tinged area.' The military intelligence man interrogated Boas, and he was subjected to a battery of physical and psychological tests. The most conservative of UFOlogists accept his abduction as an actual occurrence."