'Land of the Pharaohs' Premieres In Theatres

William Faulkner (written by)
Harry Kurnitz (written by)
Harold Jack Bloom (written by)

Jack Hawkins - Pharaoh Khufu
Joan Collins - Princess Nellifer
Dewey Martin - Senta
Alex Minotis - Hamar (as Alexis Minotis)
James Robertson Justice - Vashtar
Luisella Boni - Kyra (as Luisa Boni)
Sydney Chaplin - Treneh
James Hayter - Mikka, Vashtar's servant
Kerima - Nailla
Piero Giagnoni - Xenon (Pharaoh's Son)

Nobody knew how a Pharaoh talked!" That's how producer/director Howard Hawks explained some of the sillier dialogue exchanges in the William Faulkner-Harry Kurnitz-Harold Jack Bloom script for Hawks' Land of the Pharaohs. Extravagantly produced with a cast of seeming millions (actually there were some 10,000 extras), the film speculates on the circumstances surrounding the construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Jack Hawkins plays the Pharaoh, who orders enslaved architect James Robertson Justice to build a magnificent, thief-proof tomb for him. At first, the people of Egypt willingly pitch in to construct the huge pyramid. But as the years roll by and the work shows no signs of abating, the Pharaoh begins relying upon forced labor from lands he has conquered.