Monroe Appeared on "Person to Person"

On April 8, 1955, Marilyn appeared on Person to Person, a popular television interview program hosted by noted broadcast journalist Edward R. Murrow.

Murrow enjoyed a sterling reputation as a newsman, and being selected for Person to Person was both an honor and an ordeal for Marilyn.

Murrow asked his questions from the CBS studios, but the program originated live from the guests' homes. Marilyn's interview was conducted out of the Greenes' home, with both Milton and Amy appearing on camera with the glamorous star.

Marilyn was petrified by the thought of appearing on live television, but Amy Greene discreetly guided her through the interview. Among other things, Murrow inquired about Marilyn's move to the East Coast, her new production company, and her desire to act in dramatic roles. The program treated her defection from Twentieth Century-Fox as a positive decision, rather than as the impulsive act of a spoiled star.

On April 8, 1955, veteran journalist Edward R. Murrow interviewed Greene and his wife Amy, as well as Monroe, at the Greene's home in Connecticut on a live telecast of the CBS program Person to Person. The kinescope of the telecast has been released on home video.

A few months later, Marilyn explained on live national television, Edward R. Murrow's "Person to Person" show, exactly why she had taken this step: "It's not that I object to doing musicals and comedies - in fact, I rather enjoy them - but I'd like to do dramatic parts too."