'Scrambled Eggs Super' is Published

"And so," he informs his friend Liz, "I decided that, just for a change, I'd scramble a new kind of egg on the range." We're off on an epic journey to parts (and birds) unknown, all told in classic head-over-heels Seussian style: "Then I went for some Ziffs. They're exactly like Zuffs. But the Ziffs live on cliffs and the Zuffs live on bluffs." Finally, after capturing a small mountain of different types of egg--from Moth-Watching Sneths, Long-Legger Kwongs, and others--it's back to the kitchen for a 99-pan scramble, with all sorts of bizarre ingredients added just for fun. To be precise, it's time for "Scrambled eggs Super-Dee-Dooper-Dee-Booper, Special deluxe a-la-Peter T. Hooper."

Tired of his breakfast and thirsty for an adventure, Peter Hooper decides to find, invent, and cook a delightfully new and original scrambled egg. With the help of his friend Liz, they make magical, imaginary journey in search of the perfect new ingredient for scrambled eggs. Their journey takes them to enchanting places filled with long legger kwongs and other incredible characters.