Ronald Reagan Appears as Grover Cleveland Alexander in "The Winning Team"

In 1908, in rural Nebraska, telephone linemen Grover Cleveland Alexander is saving to buy a farm, so that he and sweetheart Aimee Arrants can marry, but his neighbors know that he would rather be playing baseball.

When Alex stands up Aimee and her father to pitch against a "real" team from Galesburg, Illinois, Aimee's father reneges on giving them the down payment on the farm as a wedding present.

The Winning Team is 1952 film directed by Lewis Seiler. It is fictionalized biography of the life of major league pitcher Grover Cleveland Alexander starring Ronald Reagan as Alexander, Doris Day as his wife, Aimee and Frank Lovejoy as Rogers Hornsby. The story covers Alexander's life as telephone company lineman and amateur ballplayer, pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago Cubs, his battles with alcoholism and epilepsy, and finally his comeback with the St. Louis Cardinals and his heroic performance in three games in the 1926 World Series against the New York Yankees.