Nissan Safari is First Produced

The Nissan Safari is a four-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Nissan in Japan since 1980.

Outside of Japan, it is known as the Nissan Patrol—a name carried over from the Safari's predecessor. The car is available in Australasia, Central and South America, South Africa, parts of Southeast Asia and Western Europe as well as Iran and the Middle East. The Safari has been available as either a short-wheelbase (SWB) three-door or a long-wheelbase (LWB) five-door chassis. The LWB version has also been offered in utility and cab chassis variants alongside the wagon. Between 1988 and 1994, Ford of Australia marketed the Safari-based Patrol as the Ford Maverick. The Maverick was available alongside the Nissan-branded Patrol. Also, in some European countries the Safari was for a short while marketed as Ebro Patrol.

The second generation Y60 (GQ) platform is still manufactured as a military vehicle in the countries of Asia and the Middle East, and various versions of the Patrol are widely used by United Nations agencies. These Y60 models are produced alongside the current Y61.

Nissan built the first Patrols, the Safari's forbearer in 1951, and were designed for various purposes, mainly military.

The Indian Army used the Nissan Patrol 1952 model under the light truck category. The name as per the Indian army records is Jonga. Under license from Nissan, the Indian Government indigenously produced these vehicles, in their Vehicle Factory at Jabalpur. Jonga has been replaced by the lighter Mahindra & Mahindra jeeps. Most army auctioned pieces have also been scrapped by their subsequent civilian owners.

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