Ronald Reagan Appears as Harold 'Hal' Norton in "Louisa"

Louisa is a 1950 comedy film directed by Alexander Hall and starring Ronald Reagan and Spring Byington in the title role.

This film was Piper Larie's film debut.

Plot Synopsis

Grandma Louisa (Spring Byington) begins dating grocer Henry Hammond (Edmund Gwenn), much to the disgust of her son Hal (Ronald Reagan) and the rest of the family. To make matters worse, Hal’s boss, Mr. Burnside (Charles Coburn) also becomes a rival for Louisa’s effections.


* Ronald Reagan - Hal Norton
* Charles Coburn - Abel Burnside
* Ruth Hussey - Meg Norton
* Edmund Gwenn - Henry Hammond
* Spring Byington - Louisa Norton
* Piper Laurie - Cathy Norton
* Scotty Beckett - Jimmy Blake
* Jimmy Hunt - Chris Norton
* Connie Gilchrist - Housekeeper Gladys
* Willard Waterman - Dick Stewart
* Marjorie Crossland - Lil Stewart
* Martin Milner - Bob Stewart
* Terry Frost - Stacy Walker
* Dave Willock - Joe Collins

Who says that Hollywood movies are made solely for the teen-age crowd? Who says that love only happens to the youthful and the glamorous on the screen? "Louisa," a jovial little picture about a gloriously giddy romance between a pleasantly plump grandmother and a beamingly sixtyish swain, came to the Mayfair yesterday to knock both these notions in the head and to put all who have the wits to see it into a happy frame of mind.