What Happened in Jul 1950

  • 'If I Ran The Zoo' is Published

    In 1950, Dr. Seuss published a book called “If I Ran the Zoo.” It contained the sentence: “I’ll sail to Ka-Troo, and bring back an IT-KUTCH, a... Read more

  • Battle of Osan

    The Battle of Osan was the first engagement between United States and North Korean forces during the Korean War. U.S. Task Force Smith of 540 men... Read more

  • Uruguay Defeats Brazil to Win the 1950 FIFA World Cup

    The 1950 FIFA World Cup, held in Brazil from 24 June to 16 July, was the fourth FIFA World Cup, and the first staged in 12 years due to World War... Read more

  • Treasure Island is released

    Treasure Island is a 1950 Disney film, based on Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Treasure Island. It starred Bobby Driscoll as Jim Hawkins, and... Read more

  • "The Men" Is Released

    The Men is a 1950 film directed by Fred Zinnemann. It tells the story of a World War II lieutenant, who is seriously injured in combat, and the... Read more