"Love Happy" is Released

Love Happy (1949) was the 14th (including Humor Risk), and virtually the last, Marx Brothers movie (they would return to the big screen in 1957 for brief, separate appearances in The Story of Mankind).
The film stars Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, and, in a smaller role than usual, Groucho Marx, plus Ilona Massey, Vera-Ellen, Paul Valentine, Marion Hutton, Raymond Burr, Bruce Gordon (in his film debut), and Eric Blore, with a memorable walk-on by a young Marilyn Monroe. It was directed by David Miller, and written by Frank Tashlin and Mac Benoff, based on a story by Harpo.

Young hopefuls trying to stage a Broadway show on a shoestring are sustained with food by expert shoplifter Harpo. They little suspect that his donations include the special sardine can hiding the Romanoff diamonds! Slinky Madame Egelichi and her henchmen will do anything to get them back, but the Marx Brothers lead them a merry chase.

Private-Eye Sam Grunion is reminiscing via flashbacks back to his famous case involving the Romanoff diamonds, and begins with Harpo taking food from the rich for the poverty-stricken, starving troupe in rehearsal for a Broadway play. On one of his daily raids picks up a can of sardines in which the Romanoff diamonds have been hidden. But only Madame Egelich and her two bodyguards know this, and she agrees to back the play, so they can be near the can of sardines and recover the diamonds. But Harpo and Faustion discover them first and they are chased all over NYC's skyline by the bodyguards. Sam Grunion enters the case and quickly becomes enamored of Madame Egelich, and anything else wearing skirts.