Ronald Reagan Appears as Bob Randolph in "The Girl from Jones Beach"

In 1949, Ronald Reagan needed something good to happen in his life.

He was sad over his recent divorce from Jane Wyman, and his acting career was in the doldrums. After a promising early period at Warner Brothers with such films as Knute Rockne All American (1940), Santa Fe Trail (1940), and Kings Row (1942), the postwar years had seen him in one disappointment after another. He got a lift, however, from The Girl from Jones Beach (1949), earning critical praise for his comic performance as a commercial artist who specializes in female pulchritude (based on the renowned pin-up illustrators Vargas and Petty).

In re the question of feminine adornment, which happens to be the one pursued with single-minded attention in the Warners' "The Girl from Jones Beach," it must be said that Virginia Mayo upholds the case for the form-fit bathing suit. And it must be further remarked that the Warners have tried their best not to jeopardize her case by obscuring her brilliant presentation with a bulky or brain-taxing brief.