'Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose' is Published

True to the title, Thidwick is a big hearted moose who has a hard time saying the word “no” when anyone imposes on his generosity.

His inability to decline anyone’s request leaves him with half of the animal kingdom living on top of his head, protected by his enormous antlers. Thidwick’s quality of life starts to suffer as a result of his untamable generosity, and soon he’s forced to remember himself with his generosity.

As with a few Dr. Seuss books, there is a few pages that are unexpectantly dark with what happens to the animals on the very last page.

Thidwick, a moose who lives in a herd "about sixty or more" , accepts a bug living on his antlers for free, who tells a spider of the free housing, and both accept a "Zinn-a-zu" bird. The herd rejects Thidwick after the Zinnazu bird's wife, a woodpecker, and four squirrels move in. Since food is scarce after a bobcat and turtle settle, they refuse to let him travel to the other side of the lake. Thidwick realizes that he has lost his autonomy and that the collective in his antlers has forced him to support them. Pressure hits the poor moose after three mice, a fox, a bear, and 362 bees move in on his antlers, but trouble switches thoughts fast after seeing hunters who "must get his head for the Harvard Club wall". When Thidwick is trapped after an attempt to escape, he suddenly remembers that antler-shedding season has arrived. He bucks the antlers off, leaves the freeloaders at the mercy of the hunters and swims to the other side of the lake to rejoin his herd. His antlers, and the former squatters, are stuffed and mounted.